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Deacon Oaks Sheriff Alex Truman has a great life, keeping the peace and maintaining the law in an already peaceful and law abiding town. He takes his kids to the park every Saturday, and plays football every Sunday. He hosts legendary barbeques, and helps out with the town's 4th of July celebrations. The people love and respect him. And the most stressful call out he's ever had, was to a small dispute between two neighbours over the heights of their respective fences.

Nothing could be better for Alex. He should be the happiest lawman in the world. But there's just one small part of him that longs for some excitement. A bank robbery here, a major smuggling operation there. Anything that would break the monotony he doesn't even realise is eating him alive.

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9th February 2012 - Tri Synergy and Viperante are proud to announce that Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting has gone gold, and is available for download. More...

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